How Know

July 11th, 2011

You notice two drunks sitting on the bench in a park. Talking untill arguing. It’s of the place. You can’t possibly notice two drunks on the outskirts of the forest, unless sleeping or picking mushrooms. But rare, indeed.
So, at least, we know the place has its say. Can’t decide if it is a true say, but nevertheless, it is some say, and affirmingly so. This can be established before knowing all place.
You may wonder what becomes of all the hill-places, when the gods have left – do these places lose its say? Why would there be need for a hill if not for a god? It seems absurd that hill-places abandoned by gods could still become some at least half-true places. Unless, the hubris of the man. The restaurant. The god view… I have little care for that.
If the gods have left, the hill-places must disappear. Thus i predict , that in some countless years there will be no hills, it must be so. Unless. But neither you nor i want to know anything about this (unless because of gods and hill-places of the future).
For now it’s enough to meditate on that we know at least one true place, albeit abandoned by its word, and deceasing.

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