How walk

July 30th, 2011

It is important that the signs remain invisible. Or kept out of sight.
For the sign is not a say of a place. Thus, for a walker, it is
imperative to lose the track of signs. One enters a dangerous game if
one risks to play by the signs. Of course, for a walker, it is always
possible avoid getting caught in the prostitution of a sign and enter
a place, even though it does not guarrantee her hearing a place-word.
A walker must know her paths without the help of a label. She may
be left wondering forever not understanding if the path belongs to a
place and what other possible relation, apart providing the track, it
may have to a place. Thus you often come to see a man stopped on his
path and not moving. Longer, quite long. There’s a beautiful trick of
a place to speak itself out in its tracks. Undecidable, then, if one
must become and remain happy or satisfied after stoppage. For a moment
it may seem that by this the place uncovers its ultimate implaceable
character. It needs for a say. Or, better, it is open for a say. Thus,
a walker, as rightly noticed by the old greek, is a thinker. No other
way. And enthusiastically so.

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