How pace

August 12th, 2011

Then the pace.The subtlety of which is immeasurable. But try. At first, slow. When approaching, so to enter. Wordless pace. A must. Then, fast. The fast of the desert and the American. Slow and fast, different. No medium. No place when medium. It is for noplace. For signed places.
Here we have a maxim and an axiom of the relationship between pace and place.
First, the axiom: the place is necessarily when fast or slow (thus postulats and hypotheses: noplace when medium; signed place because worded pace [medium]; fast paced places: the American and the desert [maybe the sea, but it is not decided yet]; slow paced places: the city, the river and the forest [maybe the church, but it may be noplace because of different reasons [than pace]).
Secondly, the maxim: to pace the place no word or less word and slow/fast (as possible).
The measures/limits of all that’s been thus said we are not aware of.
So, to conclude, the exactness of pace is left to the grace of infinity and thus there is some cloudiness at this point.
Hence, one stops not only because of the say (of the place), but, also, divided by uncertainty of  pace.

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