Why moment

September 6th, 2011

There’s this point in a place, which is very elusive as to deciding if it belongs to it (a place) – a moment. Be it the most trivial one, like sunset, or more subtle – like a wind caress by a road, one hardly has tools to see if it is of a place or the outplace: a center or a margin. Maybe neither. And, what is more interesting, why a moment and a place? Why this neighbourhood, and so intimate, then? Maybe, even, not a neighbourhood, but, rather, something more close to a border, a foreignhood, to speak¬† freely (which we, having so little tools, may allow and even encourage).
For how many times it have happened that a moment betrays the place by hastening one to leave. And, if off course, stay, also.
The mirage of the moment Рthus, maybe Рbecause of a double window:  of an old place and of a future one. But what future? How so? It seems a moment for a place might be its flag, but also its black ribbon.
The sunset of an ocean – to leave it forever or to come back once more. And yes, the moment in nonplaces – how furious and violent it is! Get out, get out, get out!
By thinking a moment thus, one can establish the possible existence of an outplace, however void and feeble it may be.
Quite mad, then, the moment is.

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