Encounter 2

June 2nd, 2012

He said: life is a failure of nothingness. Failure to continue. We live after death, he said. To fear dying is to mourn passing of nothingness. Nothing can’t happen, once it failed.
He went on: life after death is infinite and immortal. And there’s no other life we can know of, he added, and from all we know only nothingness can die, since, obviously, it died.
He continued: life, then, is born from necessity and death is contingent. We have no good reason to suppose we won’t live eternally. Everything, barred the hangover after failure of nothingness, points to it, he said, quickly adding, if nothingness was ever to come to haunt anyone or anything, it would already be dead.
He said nothing then.
Or if he did not, i could remember nothing.












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