Scene 1

October 4th, 2012

Almost empty. Quite dark. Can be supplemented by a video projection of an embrace.
One standing against the wall, face into it. Two laying on the floor, facing the ceiling.

One: Can’t stand like this anymore.
Two: Come, lay besides.
One: Wouldn’t that be the same?
Two: Well, you’d rest your legs, for one.
One: What legs? These? That never went anywhere?
Two: Oh, here you go again.
One: Go!…I wish i could go…We should go!
Two: I wouldn’t be so sure about ‘we’, I kinda like myself here. Besides, go where?
One: Doesn’t matter. Go, I need to go. Just fucking go!
Two: I’ve heard that story ever since I met you, but you just stand there, in love with the wall. At least you could come here, I don’t know, stand here.
One: And what? Face what? The ceiling? Or that endless emptiness in front? I’d rather stay and not come.
Two: As you always wished, my companion.

There’s a silent noise entering the scene. Of running water, for a few moments.

One: You heard that?
Two: Oh, yes, I felt it with my backhead. One of the reasons I’d rather stay than go.
One: one of the reasons…I wish you’d just stopped counting and let all go the fuck their way.
Two: I like having reasons. And counting. Makes me dreamy and safe. Or the other way around.
One: So you’d rather lay here endlessly than risk, what, that vibration that comes here once in a dark?
Two: I didn’t say that! It’s just that there’s no any indication whatsoever of where to go.
One: Go, just go. Where will come after we go.
Two: Ah, mystics of yours.
One: Mystics or not, why stay?
Two: Because nothing awaits us, for all I and you, my dear, know.
One: Or, as is the same, nothing doesn’t await us, for all we know.
Two: You mean that there could be, for example, Three behind or in that emptiness?
One: Not precisely what I meant, but if it suits your mathematical soul, yes, there could. Maybe even Four, Five and Infinity.

Two raises his head. Turns it towards One.

Two: I bet the pleasure of that vibration there’s no way there could be Five, let alone Infinity.
One: I bet the concreteness of the wall there is at least Three.
Two: Are you saying, that if we go and there’s only two of us, you’d stop standing by the wall?
One: Yes.
Two: Then I go. If there’s no one else, you will come besides me and we lay here forever.
One:  And if there is, you will lay with your head up, facing the emptiness.
Two: It’s hard, my friend, you know it, but what the hell, fuck all, as you say.
One: Wait!
Two: What?

There’s the noise entering the scene again. Two feels it with pleasure.

One: Now!
Two: Urgh.

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