Scene 2

October 11th, 2012

One laying besides Two. Two with his head up and facing the emptiness. Two buckets by each side of the pair. One, with white liquid – near Two. The other – with red – by One. A bit further from each bucket lies a hose. Dim light. Can be supplemented by a video of a pair sitting side by side.

One: Now I know how pleasurable that thing is.
Two: I still don’t agree that I lost the bet.
One: Well, someone must turn something on and off for those hoses to fill the buckets.
Two: By hypothesis, yes, but we haven’t seen anyone do that, it could be automatic, for all we know.
One: It wouldn’t matter, for it would, then, by sheer logic, be Three – me, you and the automat.
Two: Right, assuming…
One: What? You should be happy that I came to lay besides you.
Two: Doesn’t matter. I want to go, Three or no Three.
One: No, not so fast, don’t you enjoy here? The red drink. The noise, the pleasure.
Two: Yeah, for you. Me? The white drink, headache, or, more precise, neckache and that itch of not knowing the pleasure anymore. Even more so, since you say it’s constant now.
One: A bet is a bet, we can’t change rules, you know.
Two: Yes yes, I do. Doesn’t help, though.

Takes a sip, grimacing.

Two: When do you think we go?
One: Have no idea, sincerely, I’d rather not. It’s light enough, it’s warm and cool enough. It’s home enough.
Two: Look whose talking! My dear, you haven’t forgotten about Four And Five and Infinity, have you?
One: Three is enough. I’m happy with this Three. Silent and discreet, not interrupting too often…
Two: Except for that – what is it? – thing.
One: Strange, that one, isn’t it? I never seen it before. Nor heard.
Two: It bugs the shit out of me, one moment there’s something like Four, for example, but somehow mixed with you, and just like that – here I am laying besides you, pure unmixed, and buckets are full.
One: Oh, yes.

Takes a sip of red. Smiles.

Two: You bugger!
One: I feel better.
Two: What?
One: I mean, after that thing has passed, I feel better.
Two: Yes, yes… I do too. Don’t you think there’s more of that thing behind the emptiness?
One: I wouldn’t know. But my, that thing…

Licks his lips.

Two: So, we should go!
One: Again?! Can’t you stay a little while? For me, at least.
Two: Don’t play that! You know I hate it.

One rests his head, eyes closed.

Two: I may as well be alone, with you in your extasy here…

Closes his eyes. Head slowly sinking down.

One: Listen!
Two: What?!
One: Here, do you hear it? Something, like we, but not us.
Two: Can’t hear a damn thing.
One: Put your head down.
Two: But…
One: It doesn’t matter, this time, it can be forgotten, once.
Two: No, I won’t, unless…
One: I’ll go! For God’s sake! Just listen.
Two: Are you sure? It won’t make something happen, something bad, will it?
One: What can happen, all alone here.
Two: Well, you say you go, so, we go?
One: Yes, I do, just put your head down!
Two: Right, then we go.

Puts his head down. both listening. A silent singing voice enters the scene.

Two: Never knew that could be so.
One: Shh, we soon go.
Two: But I don’t…

[audio:|titles=Scene 2]

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