Scene 3

October 27th, 2012

Light. One and Two standing, facing the wall (opposite to the one One was facing in Scene 1). Scene full of noises (burps, screeches,  cracks etc.) and various things (buckets, wood pieces, plastic etc.).
There also lay bodies that are dragged off the scene in a random pattern.
Can be supplemented by a video projection of a pair kissing.

One:  Don’t know what else to say, speaking makes my head ache.
Two: True that. What the fuck happened?!
One: Look at this (pointing to his arm). Does it mean there is Four? I can’t remember anything. And the smell.
Two: The smell! God, we are fucked.
One:  Should’ve stayed. Terrible choices.
Two: Were they?
One: Meaning?
Two: Choices. Were they choices?
One: As far as I remember they must have been.
Two: As far as you remember my ass.
One: Urgh, stop discussing. It does not help. I don’t care you or me is right, whichever.  For God’s sake, stop aching!
Two: You’re right.
One: Know what?
Two: What?
One: I can’t decide whether I would want to go or stay.
Two: Again?!
One: No no, that’s the point. I don’t know. But it’s terrible here. Only that thing on my arm keeps me hoping.
Two:  For what?
One:  That there is or was, in any case, Three, maybe Four and even Infinity.
Two:  Yeah, last time your hope took us to this shithole…
One: A hypothesis which is not yet disproved, mind you, my dear!
Two: And that counts as an argument  for all this ‘go’ thing, right?
One: It might.
Two: Or it might not.
One: Damn, if I could only remember where this thing came from. It could have been beautiful then, all this – bearable.

One rubs his arm.
Two demonstratively scratches his.

One: What?
Two: Just making an argument.
One: Can’t deny this, I know. It could have been much worse for you. You could have been alone all this time.
Two: Thanks for compassion, companion.

For a moment all the noise stop – it’s completely silent on the scene.

Two: Tell me.
One: What?
Two: Would you rather have stayed?
One: Can’t decide.
Two: OK, will ask differently, would you rather have never knew of going?
One: Makes no sense.
Two: What?
One: Your question, makes no sense.
Two: Well, yeah, but it’s a good one, nonetheless.
One: I’ll give you that.

Two claps his hands in delight.

One: I’m tired. I won’t go and I won’t stay.
Two: I know, you have no choice, neither do I.
One: It might have been…
Two: Three, Four…

[audio:|titles=Bjoa Medley]

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