break enough

January 4th, 2013

life is an answer without a question
death is a question that has no answer
one is groundless
the other – voided

one is infinite while
the other is of such a density
that we can’t predicate anything of it
except its unpredictability

the history tries to reconcile the two,
to sew them,
in all its vanity, however tragic, great
or miserable it is

the truth belongs to none of it
neither answer nor question
the truth gets chaosed in history

it might belong to the real
but the real has no place,
no time and no heart

once you understand this
you can pop the bottle open,
take a sip,
close your eyes, or open them,
depending on your habits of thinking

you can pour your heart out
or stare silently,
depending on your history
of breaking

you can invent a god
or a goddess,
depending on whether you had
or still want more

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