Vagabond bit 2

May 20th, 2013

One can lose one’s dream. To find it empty. This is called  a deep sleep. To have your dream withered away.
One can also dream someone else’s dream. Now this does not necessarily imply the existence of that someone else, only her dream.
I, having no horse, have dreamt the sorrow of a woman whose horse has hurt his leg.  I, being that woman in a dream, have cried  and felt deeply for the horse, who might not be able to run again since he was very old. (Now, I assume that the woman, whose dream I was dreaming, has lost a horse because of a vision of the same horse in a dream – laying on tall grass with his eyes slowly closing).  I mourned and continued in tears after being woken up by the excessive blood pressure, rising precisely because of this sadness.
The one who dreams someone else’s dreams is, needless to say, a terrible sleeper, for not only he feels things someone else must feel, but also becomes worried about the existence of this someone. Where is she? Her objectivity, obviously,  cannot be (without a doubt) inferred from a dream, but, going by the fact that it was her dream, she has to exist, she has to possess some – objectively ungrounded – subjectivity.
One could call this way of experiencing the world sobjective. And since it is pathetic in the purest sense of the word, the dreamer of someone else’s dreams tries to invent whole worlds for the people whose dreams he has taken away.
For without dreaming people lose their ability to exist, as horses put to sleep.

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