August 21st, 2014

all lines scattered – desert, all ways get lost – sea, all walks lose their tracks – the sky, the mountain – one has no words to say what lies – love, resistance, the heaviness of heavens, one, if there to be found such, has its being right at the horizon of the desert, the sea and the sky, all the cities buried, the streets, the signs, all the forests buried and no path left uncovered, the stars, the eyes of the dead vagabonds, one, if there is to be any, at the center of the unmapped waters, sand, still, swayed by continuous tides, the moon as close as possible for there to be the line to pass, if the one found another, and a rock, might save her, might throw it at him, might start rapping the verses of  a mad lover, of a hated enemy, one thus better alone, while wayless seaing, deserting, starring, salt eating the rest of ropes, sandpapering the remaining colours, of the pages there is left nothing, but the dust for black holes, keep going, when the meaning of it has been deserted by all sense, one has no choice, but to decide to jump, off, on, springwater, skyscraper, houses of sand, breaking her head at the craters of Mars, burning his eyebrows in the rivers of Venus, losing one’s breath in the winds of Neptune, sea washing the bones on desert shores, whole countries frozen in the mountains of ice, one, at the horizon of a sea, a desert and a sky, an argonaut, an astronomer, an aloner, how true your words would have been, if there were ears, how sweet your heart, if there be other ones, now head cracked open, worms of all walks of death, the noise of the silence, the grey of the transparent, the future empires, inhabited by hell knows what, inverted, reversed, cut through, smelted, piece by piece, the limits of your imagination end here, they end now, at the point of horizon, between the sea, the desert and the sky, faint face of no one, withering of each one, freedom of the momentary one, horror of loved ones, love of the monster one, end one

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