Of three workers and a desert (4)

January 18th, 2017

– Did you find it?
Asks Zigmund cleaning the sand off his face.
– No, not aglimmer of hope.
– You should have looked for a piece of a soul instead, my friend.
– Will do next time. Thanks for priceless advise, Ziggy.
– I didn‘t say it was priceless.
– Name it then, retroactive as it is.
– For one, you could stop calling me Ziggy, and that young man – son.
– You‘re upping this quite, don‘tyou think?
– Well, that, or you could go on with the glimmerless searches.
– I‘ll consider it, Ziggy.
– Damn.
By all appearances transaction is not yet complete.
– Hey, young one, who was it this time?
– Joshua, come, don‘t make us wait. Some cactus juice might get you flowing, perhaps?
– Thanks, but no. Don‘t wanna talk about it.
– Why? What‘s the matter?
– It‘s just… I could not understand a word.
– Too riddley even for you, heh?
– No, not that. Literally, could not understand it.
– But who was it? At least give us that.
– A man. With a beard.
– Oh, a comrade!
– Yeah, well, not quite, but yeah, for the sake of peace, that one.
– What‘s with this peace thing getting into you – first the wise one, now you, Joshua.
– And the difference it makes relative to you – is?
– No, nothing, just wondering, you know. Why not war, for example – since it seems none of you are getting any peace. Not even a piece.
– Yeah, there you go again. The master of advise.
– It‘s ok if you don‘t like it, you don‘t have to patronize me all over.
– Right.
– Not left?
– Not, right.
– I would know.
– Yes, you would.
– Woyzeck, help us out. You being all old – and wise – we seem to be stuck at the crossroads.
– With what?
– With this riddle we are having.
– You mean your unfunny and stupid word play of right and left?
– Yes, precisely that one.
– I‘d say Joseph is right n this one and you‘re wrong, and there‘s nothing else left.
– Ouh, how surprising that you‘d side with Josy here! But for the sake of impartiality – I got this one from you, Woyzeck – imagine that I‘m right. Who – or what – is then left and what that makes Joshua?
– I‘d still think that Joseph is not wrong, and since you‘re right also, well…All that is left is this desert.
– Let me get this straight. If you subtract me and Joshua – and you don‘t count: being impartial judge – and an old one! – from the desert, it just is there – with no rights or wrongs, just fucking left lone?
– Yes, what‘s your point?
– Obvious, why don‘t we just jump into the hole?
– And never come back?
– Who cares? The desert doesn‘t, not anymore.
– You do understand that the hole won‘t disappear, and somebody will come, and then won‘t find anyone, and will stay here, hoping for the answer? You see what happens in this case?
– I do, but I can‘t be bothered anymore about somebody else.
– Have you not thought – empathy putting aside – that if you jump into the hole, you will end in the same desert, just, you know, not here?
– So then what do I lose?
– Well, for one, me, since I would not jump under any circumstances.
– Why not?
– Because if it is like it is, it has to be this way. This is our desert and out hole, and we have to be faithful to our fate. If everyone starts jumping around, what do we get? A chaos, that‘s all. We have to have a dream and keep on looking, if not for oil or peace of soul, then for something else.
– Ok, ok, enough of your moralisms, we know you are wise even beyond your age. It‘s just doesn‘t feel right to me. Joshua…Where‘s Joshua?!
– He went off.
– He never left farther than the pole and the hole. Boy, something‘s going on and I don‘t like it a bit.
– He‘ll come back, don‘t worry. Here, let‘s have a drink, I‘m thirsty as hell, godforgiving.
– Oh, that‘ll do, Woyzeck, like good old days, no pun intended. Cheers, sage.
– Cheers, Ziggy.
Now only two men drink, while the dot way across them is Jozef, looking for only desert knows what.

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