Gone fishing

April 18th, 2017

“Oh wonderful people, so glad you are here to read all about Morten Rasz’s Moonfish! I cannot really say anything about the name Moonfish other than that it should probably have been named “the sound of music”, which unfortunately had already been taken by some old school musical. A musical is great but Morten Rasz’s Moonfish is even greater; Morten literally gives us the chance to hear and see the sounds that we hear right as it is happening!

So fresh even, you can see them being drawn out in front of your eyes and hear instantly the results in your very own ears! It is fair to say that most of this viewable and bearable sound of music is pretty much electronic, but there is also a nice partition of jazz involved! Clearly spicing up the entertainment of the experience into one that holds the attention of you and possibly entire families who are tired of the disappointment of the Von Trapp family’s Sound of Music. This here is the real thing nicely camouflaged under the ‘moonfish’ title. Check it out dear people, check it out.”

from yeah i know it sucks



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