low leaves of summertime

July 8th, 2017

my hair in the grass

my ears in a breeze

my toes in a shadow

still some dirt on my knees


my eyes set on sun

and my lungs barely breathe

with top of my fingertips

i touch gentle ease


my lips slightly open

and some red on my cheeks

my spirits get high


but when you speak of love,

speak low


i watch the sky blue

and i think even less

as clouds pass by

comes the warmth of caress


my desires turn real

not an ounce of stress

i whisper out your name

all is clear, no need to guess


the star’s even closer

ordering the earthly mess

i want this to last forever


but when the autumn comes,

it leaves


i roll on my stomach

now head facing ground

the shadow stretches over

bringing the night around


my spine backs the darkness

besides sits forest hounds

i body sense the silence

you left without a sound


i cover up with moss

wary of being found

i hope low season passes


but when the living gets hard,

you know it’s summertime



front Kopie (1)










marrach/badpoet/chtinmara – love low






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