something blue

August 13th, 2017



there’s a part in life where

things are broken and torn

and unlike the dress you wear

the needles and threads don’t work there


yet, you’d better die of a heart attack

then of a heart retreat


reworking your body that gets

endlessly beat


and so you repeat

like a child with the heat


you get to know nothing

in hope of learning everything


the part of a second life

that consists of illusions and dreams

gets reshaped into logics

that can’t be beared no matter

how big your truck is


yet, you’d better die of a brain failure

than of a failure to dream


reopening the space between

the order of thought and

the anarchy of its means


and so you let loose off all

that seems

like a crazy person on a bus

arguing the case for things

that never been


as your desire to feed the hunger

makes you into restless wander


there’s a thing that works between parts

that makes the connect of things apart

it collects the first life

and infuses the second

bad poets of all times

have done sufficiently enough

to have called it ‘heart’


whatever words and proportions

you want to use to describe it

will fail at the moment

they become unparted


yet, you continue on harping

go on on the endless departing


imagining the grass that’s greener

than the first time you felt darted


by the arrows slightly left off the target


causing the flames to ignite

you’ll get repeatedly to cite


something blue covers my heart

can’t find a line where to start













Marrach/Bad Poet/Chtin Mara – Love Low






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