dream fog light

December 31st, 2017

do dream in this fog of light






Love for Pentacycloops

December 20th, 2017

Soothing, unsettling, and really good.





November 17th, 2017

more love for love low

November 12th, 2017

found on http://mithratemplezine.com/marrachbad-poetchtin-mara-love-low-album-2017/

”Lithuanian musician and visual artist, Martin Rach, exists outside of populist genre movements. Whilst this, his third release for Attenuation Circuit, encompasses aspects of noise, free jazz, and avant-garde electronics, it flits and flirts with these definitions. Never succumbing to the trappings of one convention or another. These are love songs from another place. Specifically, the other place found in Twin Peaks. It is as if the red-suited dwarf has been reinterpreting Sun Ra’s interplanetary sounds backwards, forwards, and then backwards again. Before slowing them right down and allowing a Parisian Attila Csihar to croon through blue smoke.

There is a weariness to the Mistress of Pink Noise, it suggests an end-of-night, resigned cigarette as stools are upturned on sticky bars. Languid apathy permeates every vowel that seeps from Rach’s throat. Thief of a Dayhowever, is a frenzied shriek of brass. Scattered broken beats vie for attention. Dubby bass lingers and gushes. There is talk of bad poetry. On As Lovers Do the percussion is namely swinging brushes upon cymbals and concentrated handclaps over the top of reversed electronic synths.

This is jazz deconstructed. Saxophonic whimpers. Thick lumps of bass swipe between the coy brass leads. Then things become a little feral and demented, all the while being underpinned by those eerie semi-whispered vocals. If it is broken industrial noise, then it is sleazy with it. There are misfires of machinery and lowered lights. This is something like a burlesque show in the 1940s gas station of the afore-mentioned fictional town. I half expect a menacing woodsman to leer “Got a light?””

found on http://mithratemplezine.com/marrachbad-poetchtin-mara-love-low-album-2017/

rain out that pours

September 30th, 2017









sneaking my way into Dalius Naujo Orchestra

September 20th, 2017





trans:love low

September 8th, 2017

text taken from Yeah I Know It Sucks

The sensual mistress of Pink Noise gets her own song, one in which saxophone, romantic words and sparks of noise twirl around each other, it is a combo that feels as if they had gone to the ball together for a sensible session of alternative ballroom dancing among the borders of music. It’s definitely a honorable romantic session, one that smells of sex, steamy noises in a certain intimacy that could only be found in strange romances happening in very bizarre fetish like fairytales. I dig it, will you dig it too? I don’t mean that we go together outside in the garden and bury it in the ground deeply; I mean it’s something you could hear and enjoy.

But don’t worry, this release got more stuff up its sleeves. Mainly a track named ‘low leaves of summertime’, maybe this will get you into that romantic alternative mood that I feel this stuff is taking me. Maybe (if you are close) we could hands together while listening to this one, it really has that hold hands, sit on each other’s lap kind of feel. The noisy bits might have seemed to have taken a backseat, giving more space to turbulently played saxophone, a low tripping jazzy drum and that poetic voice that will melt your heart and inspire your senses to suddenly wear a perfume & write love letters. I don’t know; the powers of romantic stuff never have seemed to amaze me until now!

Yeah, like “thief of a day” this release seems to be able to steal your heart, dips it in chocolate and licks it off in a romantic licking session. Few things are known by these creators who are responsible for this session, but just hearing the music you know that they are onto something, by jumping on a format that seems to be unformatable! With the third track steaming in my ears, the group throws in a whole lot of energy; the sax shoots out its semen, the drum kicks hard or goes even in squirt mood with a full on blast & the underlying noise feels like naught sex that will leave no corner of the room untouched. The only one keeping it cool is the provider of the words, he is like a cool ruler, unchallenged by the steamy scenes he just provides the romantic worldly sounds like a talented writer lighted by candlelight.

What happens next is “As lovers do”, the last session in which you might have the last attempt to get romantically involved (or simply touched) by this release. It will not be very hard (no pun intended!) as the music just shimmers its love bubbles into your ears; if you’d allowed it to play in such intimate ways that is. It might finger you there, pleasantly, whispering in your brain, kissing your mind and somehow slap each buttock for the right sound and raw sensual tension. It might make you feel like a melting sex kitten, hopelessly caressed and aroused by the music, the material that you haven’t had heard or experienced before but are now enjoying in a dirty session of self discovery… This is the sound of romantic love and sweet sex for the ears, so if you need some of that, please don’t hesitate to come over and click that fine link at that bubbly bottom over here:







something blue

August 13th, 2017



there’s a part in life where

things are broken and torn

and unlike the dress you wear

the needles and threads don’t work there


yet, you’d better die of a heart attack

then of a heart retreat


reworking your body that gets

endlessly beat


and so you repeat

like a child with the heat


you get to know nothing

in hope of learning everything


the part of a second life

that consists of illusions and dreams

gets reshaped into logics

that can’t be beared no matter

how big your truck is


yet, you’d better die of a brain failure

than of a failure to dream


reopening the space between

the order of thought and

the anarchy of its means


and so you let loose off all

that seems

like a crazy person on a bus

arguing the case for things

that never been


as your desire to feed the hunger

makes you into restless wander


there’s a thing that works between parts

that makes the connect of things apart

it collects the first life

and infuses the second

bad poets of all times

have done sufficiently enough

to have called it ‘heart’


whatever words and proportions

you want to use to describe it

will fail at the moment

they become unparted


yet, you continue on harping

go on on the endless departing


imagining the grass that’s greener

than the first time you felt darted


by the arrows slightly left off the target


causing the flames to ignite

you’ll get repeatedly to cite


something blue covers my heart

can’t find a line where to start













Marrach/Bad Poet/Chtin Mara – Love Low






low leaves of summertime

July 8th, 2017

my hair in the grass

my ears in a breeze

my toes in a shadow

still some dirt on my knees


my eyes set on sun

and my lungs barely breathe

with top of my fingertips

i touch gentle ease


my lips slightly open

and some red on my cheeks

my spirits get high


but when you speak of love,

speak low


i watch the sky blue

and i think even less

as clouds pass by

comes the warmth of caress


my desires turn real

not an ounce of stress

i whisper out your name

all is clear, no need to guess


the star’s even closer

ordering the earthly mess

i want this to last forever


but when the autumn comes,

it leaves


i roll on my stomach

now head facing ground

the shadow stretches over

bringing the night around


my spine backs the darkness

besides sits forest hounds

i body sense the silence

you left without a sound


i cover up with moss

wary of being found

i hope low season passes


but when the living gets hard,

you know it’s summertime



front Kopie (1)










marrach/badpoet/chtinmara – love low






Gone fishing

April 18th, 2017

“Oh wonderful people, so glad you are here to read all about Morten Rasz’s Moonfish! I cannot really say anything about the name Moonfish other than that it should probably have been named “the sound of music”, which unfortunately had already been taken by some old school musical. A musical is great but Morten Rasz’s Moonfish is even greater; Morten literally gives us the chance to hear and see the sounds that we hear right as it is happening!

So fresh even, you can see them being drawn out in front of your eyes and hear instantly the results in your very own ears! It is fair to say that most of this viewable and bearable sound of music is pretty much electronic, but there is also a nice partition of jazz involved! Clearly spicing up the entertainment of the experience into one that holds the attention of you and possibly entire families who are tired of the disappointment of the Von Trapp family’s Sound of Music. This here is the real thing nicely camouflaged under the ‘moonfish’ title. Check it out dear people, check it out.”

from yeah i know it sucks




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