To flame the light of love

February 18th, 2012

To flame – cut up a skin cross out the promise disorderly untouch her neck – tear a hole through her belly-button burn the sheets unwrite the decision – watch her fall on her knees abandon the garden start a fire – the light – exact differentiation of their encounter vectors the line uncurved like her words – say yes divide the dark raised by infinite degree count precisely where she’ll land make a perfect morning coffee true to the axiom of your choice – of love – feeling how her vulva bone bites through his skin bending the resistant left-overs of selfhood unbinding the sacred oath of their names – how his hands penetrate beyond the skin, the fat and the muscles closer to her empty insides almost till the bleeding atom of her womb – looking at the eyes surrendering while the glory of the last moment unearths their remnants – breathlessly pulsing scattering all into the vast vortex of their mutual unbeing wherein it is still heard what she said – the obscure name of the slashed O – all to his delight she was no more he outlived her called back into the black silence of her mouth.












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