Light piece Nr. 2

November 25th, 2012

Forgive my tiredness, my silence, my dissipating eyes. Forgive my unsure way of walking.
The night has taken a hold of me too many a time. Let me sit here, with my mouth shut and my gaze wandering aimlessly. With my heart sunken to the bottom of the dark.
Let no light disturb and attract me.
Forget what I said, if I said something. Forget how I looked at you, for it must have been a glitch, no more. Forget how we danced – it surely been just a spirit passing.
Forget we woke up in the morning, a sunny one. Let no amount of brightness fool you.
Don’t offer your love or compassion – I have no patience for it. Don’t offer to look after me or walk me home – I prefer beingĀ  unseen, lame, somewhere in the shadow of the skies.
Just pour me a drink – I think you owe me one.

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